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Stay strong, become stronger.

We’re companions and a source of inspiration during changes and crises. For more than 15 years, we’ve been supporting managers and organizations in their rethinking and as they develop the necessary skills to do so. We make a strategic and operational contribution to ensure that our customers master tough times successfully. Enabling them to stay strong and become stronger

Active companion with much experience.
We create a clear view when complexity obscures the view. We make strategy and organizational development communicable. We demonstrate innovative paths and pragmatic solutions for change. We actively support project work and convey our knowledge, methodology and experience. Enabling our customers to develop their own "core competence of the ability to change", build up emotional stability within the company and thus, provide constant support and orientation.

We offer momentum, not a rigid process.
As change specialists, we think, argue, plan and work together with our clients' top management and project teams. Together we develop a  common thread, make the target image tangible, develop a conceptual approach. Let’s get to it! With the knowledge that we will learn a lot along the way, adapt and thus, achieve even more. Experiences and reactions from individual measures are continuously integrated into our planning, such as events in day-to-day business that are currently difficult to predict.

Learning curve beats perfect planning.

Today, change happens far too fast to be met with perfect planning. Proven solution patterns are no longer efficient. The ability to change becomes a decisive competitive advantage: What counts is the willingness to bravely embrace new ideas, long before the path to take is clearly in sight.
We’ll guide you along this path because we know how and where to tread.

Change is crisis protection.
Companies that can adapt quickly to new circumstances are not only more competitive; they’re also well-prepared for crises, when it comes to reacting quickly to critical situations in the market, in competition or the global economy.
Our 15 years of experience make it possible to help you through difficult times.

Communication as the key.
Communication becomes the central key competence of managers. Because it’s their persuasiveness that provides orientation and security during change. They can transform fears and worries into positive energy, to trigger activity. Willingness to change can’t be “ordered". It has to be exemplified, from the top down.
Communication is at the core of our DNA.

Our demands upon ourselves: speed, agility & feasibility.

Cooperation with our customers typically begins with important change projects. Often, these projects are also a starting point for rethinking within the company, leading towards a greater ability to change and a new manner of cooperation. Knowledge, experience and intuition from different specialist fields must be brought together; connected by a common certainty, and with a joy for shaping the future. We’re always at our customer’s side. These demands we place upon ourselves:

More value.
We continuously pursue two goals: The specific, successful change and at the same time, the development of the ability to change.

Speed counts.
We’re used to delving into the mindset of the companies and projects, from one day to the next.
We know how to make an impact quickly and to drive change.

Be agile.
Of course, we’re also capable of change. Regardless of pace, speed, or topics:
We’re  aware of what is feasible, we adapt to the procedure flexibly; without losing sight of the goal.

Make it feasible.
We are specialists with a great deal experience and even more passion for our job.
We bundle changes into steps that can be immediately taken and translated into actions during everyday life.

In short: We prepare you for tomorrow's challenges. With our proven methodology  and always focused on our customers.
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Who we have already accompanied

Change ignores no industry

No industry exists that doesn't underlie change. In some industries, it occurs at breakneck speed, and in others, change takes place quietly, and suddenly calls the entire business model into question. Fellows & Sparks has accompanied projects in many industries and various companies of all sizes. We’ve learned a lot about the specific characteristics of the industries. However, regardless of where we operate, at the end of the day, change always affects people. Moreover, people differ only marginally in their basic hopes, desires, worries and doubts. Their expectations of leadership and cooperation are more influenced by the corporate culture in which they live than by the business segment in which they work. Fellows & Sparks unite industry knowledge with a knowledge of human nature. We translate strategies and structures into a language that people understand. In this way, we create conditions for familiarizing ourselves with change and transferring it into our own decisions and actions - only in this way can change succeed.



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Construction Industry


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Fellows & Sparks Team.
Axel Kühn
Managing Partner & Managing Director


His core competencies are strategic consulting for decision-makers and concept development for change projects. As an innovation generator, he moderates executive management workshops and orchestrates the overall planning of change and project communication. His 30 years of experience as a founder, managing director, and consultant for effective change processes make him an esteemed professional in his field.

“Management communication gives distinction to the company's culture.”

Bettina Kirchberg 

Managing Partner & Managing Director


Her focus lies in the strategic planning and supervision of the overall project planning. With 30 years of experience as a consultant and founder in various PR and event agencies, the communications graduate manages the finances and contracts and is responsible for the marketing of Fellows & Sparks. A further focus is the consulting, conception and realization of PR projects.

"We may convince others by our arguments, but we can only persuade them by their own." (Joseph Joubert)

Felix Kühn
Senior Partner


His strengths lie in exploring the operational feasibility of strategic concepts, developing implementation concepts and measures, making complex issues comprehensible and straightforward. He persistently questions content and processes before transforming them into concepts, storylines, core messages and media for internal and external communication. With 25 years of professional experience as an executive, founder and consultant, he often becomes the customer’s last critical authority before important decisions are communicated.

"There is no escape from the truth."

Dr. Claudia Kleimann-Balke
Senior Consultant

With 20 years of scientific and journalistic work experience, she is the well-read and experienced analyst in the team. Her area of operations includes the preparation of final presentations and public appearances, the conception, editing and text of communication concepts, the planning of individual measures, research, documentation and evaluation.

„Old ways won't open new doors.”

Sandra Oster
Executive Assistant

She is the undisputed number one in the organization and resolutely handles the complete office management, deadline coordination and operational project management. She is also responsible for research, organizational preparation of workshops as well as the subsequent documentation.

"Time that we take is time that gives us something." (Ernst Ferstl)

Astrid Stöterau
Executive Change Consultant

Based on many years of experience as a personality and organizational developer, she has an eye on a company’s holistic ability to change. As a systemic management coach, project manager, and consultant at eye level, she accompanies people and companies through change. Different roles and perspectives form the foundation of her competencies. Situationally combined, they lead to customized, holistic change concepts that get people involved and motivate them to act on their responsibility.

„Love it, change it or leave it.”

Gilbert von Arnis

Our CHO is responsible for mouse-controlling in the office’s garden, the activity supervision of the employees’ dogs as well as for harmony management within the team. Particularly in crises, he has often proven himself an excellent "Good Mood Representative" and "Soul Comforter". In his job as the office tomcat, he has been able to continuously improve his qualifications to the point that one couldn’t imagine Fellows & Sparks without him.